James Fee

10 Years Ago: Microsoft TerraServer Closes


Funny how when you start talking about something, it triggers some other thing. Well in a discussion about SpaceX with friends, I began to think about TerraServer. I couldn’t remember what happened to it, but of course I blogged about it over 10 years ago.

In its time, I used it to test WMS, but I’m not sure I ever really used it for anything else. Much like LandSat, I’ll shed no tears. It served its purpose and now it must die.

OUCH! Boy, I hope when I go I get a better eulogy. I don’t think I was being completely fair about TerraServer. I mean Jim Gray, scaling SQL Server on Windows NT, how could one not geek out. I used to be very hard to get access to open data and TerraServer did bring a ton of imagery data to users.

I mean unpack this:

The TerraServer demonstrates the scalability of Microsoft’s Windows NT Server and SQL Server running on Compaq AlphaServer 8400 and StorageWorks™ hardware.

That’s the world it grew up in. Cheers TerraServer! 🗺